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Gambling Expansion Bill Veto Causes Outrage In Illinois

For the past two years, lawmakers in Illinois have been tirelessly to re-work a gambling expansion bill that was passed but vetoed by Governor Pat Quinn. The lawmakers have worked to meet Quinn's standards with the revised version that was passed earlier this year.

On Tuesday, Quinn again vetoed gambling expansion, claiming that the new bill did not go far enough in creating safeguards against crime. The veto sends lawmakers back to the drawing board, and Rep. Lou Lang, the sponsor of the bill, believes he may have enough votes in the Legislature to override the governor's veto.

"I think I already have the votes in the house," said Lang. Representative Lang is still working on the Senate, but asserted that he thinks he can gain enough votes there to eliminate the veto. The lawmakers will reconvene and vote on the gambling expansion bill in the Fall.

Until then, they will be left wondering what has to be done to satisfy a governor who has given the impression that he would support gambling expansion in the proper form. Quinn does not want special interests to be anywhere near the gambling expansion, and it is a point that he is unwilling to compromise.

"Illinois should never settle for a gambling bill that includes loopholes for mobsters," said Quinn.

The mobster comment came from a proposed casino in Chicago. Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been lobbying for a casino in his city that would bring tens of millions of dollars into the economy. Quinn wants to ensure any casino built is free from corruption.

"Permitting the Chicago casino to operate without the appropriate oversight of the gaming board is not good for Illinois," said Quinn.

Emanuel believes even with the setback, casino gambling is coming to the Windy City in the near future.
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