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Seals With Clubs (SWC) is probably the first poker application and web site that is legitimately dedicated to offering a Bitcoin experience. Originally launched in August 2011, SWC has grown from a small community of online poker players to an average of more than 300 online at any time, reaching the over 1,000 players mark during peak hours.

Background InformationSWC was first started by a team of internet poker players that were displaced during the August 15, 2011 Black Friday. One of the tenets of SWC is to provide a platform that ensures reliability, stability and safety for any Bitcoin poker player.Since its inception, the only currency used at SWC is Bitcoins. Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer, decentralized payment system.

VersionsSWC is also one of the most active poker site platforms that offer its clients multiple means of playing online. A client can either choose to:Download a Linux, Mac or PC client to his or her computer and playPlay directly via a browserAlternatively, download an android application for players on the moveAdvantages of Playing Online Poker with SWCWhen it comes to Bitcoin power, nothing beats SealsWithClubs. Apart from been one of the most active poker sites, SWC offers a huge selection of tournaments. Other advantages include:SWC does not ask for personal information apart from an email addressDeposits are made instantlyWithdrawals are done within 24 hoursMultiple accounts are allowed but under strict conditionsPlayers get to earn VIP points (Krill) that do not decay, but accumulate through their lifetimeGetting StartedTo start your first, truly Bitcoin poker online game, you need to have a Bitcoin wallet. The wallet allows you to make transactions with poker sites and Bitcoin users around the world. Your wallet is permanently available to you and is easily identifiable via a unique Bitcoin address you receive on sign up.

To load your Bitcoin account, you have the options of mining Bitcoin using your computer or purchasing from a Bitcoin exchange service. The next step is to register with and deposit your Bitcoins via the “my account” page. Transactions made are done almost instantly.

With Krill, an SWC poker player can earn as much as 50% rakeback. Playing with Seals with Clubs is open to players all over the world, including the United States. The site management has also been described as very responsive to client queries.