Satoshicircle Offers Provably Fair Gambling

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images01One of the biggest problems with gambling is that you can’t necessarily know whether you’re being cheated or not. Another player can be counting cards, while a casino could secretly modify a roulette wheel. The main reason that gamblers don’t usually worry about this is that, in places where gambling is popular, the industry tends to be tightly regulated and players are closely monitored.

This has made it difficult to move gambling into the realm of the Internet. When a computer is in control of the way the bets play out, it seems impossible for any player to truly feel sure that his wins and losses were the result of chance and not of some calculation designed to maximize the amount of money that the owners could extract from him. is one of the online gambling options that offers you a chance to play with confidence that you get a fair chance in every game. It uses cryptographic and hashing technology to provide a hash during each round that reflects the current state of the game. Based on that, it’s possible to use the server seed and the client seed from each game to verify that there was no tampering by the casino. Whatever the outcome of the game may have been, it can be mathematically proven that a given bet was not influenced or modified by either side of the transaction in an unfair way.

This opens up a level of trust in gaming that gamblers have never been able to enjoy before. There has always been some room for concern that people were swapping the dice, marking the deck of cards, or doing anything else they possibly could to tilt the odds a little further in their own favor. If that kind of uncertainty has made it difficult for you to enjoy gaming in the past, this is a great opportunity for you to jump in and have more fun than ever. While the actual calculations involved in proving that a game was played fairly are complicated, the numbers are openly available so that any player can reassure himself that he had a fair shot at winning.