Satoshidice Review

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Satoshidice is a bitcoin dice game service that was introduced on 2012 and has become the most popular betting service they have available. It is a very simple game from the way it works to the first page to the payouts. First, there is no front end interface. This means that all betting occurs on the transaction network. The site provides a payout table for previous games so you can see the results for yourself. The odds are published on the website of the casino, as are the addresses to which you can send your bets. It is a professional looking site and is well established.

Play is simple as well. You send your bet to a specific address of your choice from the addresses on the site. Each address has an assigned threshold. Once the die is thrown, if the number shown is under the threshold, you win. If the number is over the threshold, you lose. You will find no bells and whistles here. You play no cards, you spin no wheels and you roll no dice. Your payout is returned to the address from which you sent your bet and the game is done. It is quick and convenient and payout is immediate. Customer support is available in a live chat format and by Email and is in 10 languages. People who want to play and be entertained will probably not be very interested. Those who want to bet and get results quickly will be very pleased with this site.

There are a few things to know about Satoshidice before you play. The site does not permit players to play from the US and clearly states that fact. The house edge here is 1.9%, which is quite a bit higher than most other bitcoin services which are at 1%. The site offers no promotions or bonuses. There are no loyalty compensations and no affiliate program for referring others to the site. You can send multiple bets in one transaction with each bet calculated separately. This is a departure from the perks of other betting services, but it works here. People play Satoshidice more than any other betting service offered by this company.