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Penn National Gaming Pays Millions To Slow Maryland Casino Growth

Penn National Gaming threw millions of dollars into a campaign to bring new casinos to Ohio several years ago. That was one of several times that the gaming company has contributed to the cause of expanding gaming in the US. Penn National is taking a different approach in Maryland.

Recent reports indicate that one of the largest and most successful gaming companies in the country, Penn National, has paid an additional $4 million to a campaign to keep a new casino resort out of Maryland. The company is attempting to protect its interests in the state.

"It is clear this has become a battle over power within the Maryland gaming industry," said Gaming Analyst Brad Dawkins. "Penn National is not only protecting their existing casino in Maryland, but they also have future plans to expand themselves, making the current proposal a threat."

MGM Resorts, along with several other gaming companies, are hoping that a ballot measure will pass in November opening up a license to operate a casino in Prince George's county. Penn National could bid on that license, but they believe they are at a disadvantage to win that bid.

Penn National also operates a casino in West Virginia, and the company believes that additional gaming options in Maryland could take away customers from their Charles Town, West Virginia, facility.

The ballot question in November goes deeper than just the gaming license in Prince George. If passed, the measure would allow table games at the existing casinos in Maryland. The addition of table games was the biggest factor in Pennsylvania overtaking New Jersey in overall gaming revenue. Pennsylvania casinos have been operating table games for over a year, and the state has become the second-largest gaming market in the US, behind only Nevada.

Maryland has been proactive in expanding their casino industry over the past five years. The state is also considered the leader when it comes to the prevention and treatment programs being run for problem gamblers.

Source: Casinogamblingweb.com

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