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Tribute to Phil Ivey 2012

How to get $50 free cash? 1. Click this url (tinyurl.com 2. Register new account 3. Pass a simple poker quiz (20 questions) 4. Pick a poker room to play at (11 rooms available) * This offer is not available to US residents! Tribute to Phil Ivey 2012. Videos included in this mix: Phil Ivey is AMAZING, So Amazing(National Heads-Up Poker Championship). Phil Ivey v Paul Jackson - Bluff v Bluff(Monte Carlo Millions). Phil Ivey with KK Amazing Hand(Aussie Millions). Chris Moneymaker eliminates Phil Ivey out(World Series of Poker). Phil Ivey Irritated by Tom Dwan Durrrr(Poker After Dark).

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10 comments on “Tribute to Phil Ivey 2012

  1. Ya did you see the way trapped Moneymaker into having a 2 outer card come against him and then masterfully pushed all the chips into the middle with a FH vs nut trips! Only Ivey could have pulled that one off and just goes to show why he\'s the best...

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  3. ivey´s all in was the right move, he played awesome, he trapped moneymaker.
    moneymaker just got lucky. it was still good poker from phil though. so it deserves to be in a tribute to phil.

  4. That was a poker river gift from the poker Gods for all the poker world...And the one that would destroy many ppl that would thusly become addicted and enslaved monetarily to the game...

  5. The importance of showing money maker\'s lucky river is to show Phil Ivey\'s reaction at a younger age. This WSOP was the most important poker tournament in history. He didn\'t stand up out of his chair, he didn\'t say how lucky moneymaker was, he didn\'t complain. He just got up, shook his hand and left. Didn\'t say a word about the cold deck. It shows his character. Could you imagine if Helmuth lost that hand at the final table bubble? Priceless histric scene of poker history.

  6. Also why is Phil Ivey making a rare misstep and making a loose call when Tom \"Durr\" Dwan of all people, for Christ\'s sake, makes an overbet into a 3 way pot that was checked around down to him in position on all 3 streets and then getting pissed at Tom for saying \"I got it\" lol...on this Tribute?

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