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Will Texas Be One Of The Last States To Fall In 2013?

The state of Texas is one of the traditionally Conservative states. The amount of Republicans that have walked through the door at the state capital has made it nearly impossible for any liberal ideas to make their way into Texas. Casino gambling is considered to be one of those liberal ideas.

Almost the entire country has embraced casinos over the past decade, but Texas has held their ground. The Lone Star state continues to prohibit the popular form of gambling, even as the voice to legalize the activity is growing louder and louder.

With one year ending, and a new one on the horizon, Texas is expected to be one of the focal places for big time gaming companies in 2013. Legislators in the state are working on drafting a bill that would put an end to over 100 years of gambling prohibition. The bill would allow casinos in Texas for the first time.

"They;re bringing super heavyweight guns this time," said Harvey Kronberg, a political analyst. "Some incredible lobbyist types and they're never short of funds. The problem has been there's been no consensus on how to get there."

That consensus this time around from pro-gaming lawmakers includes the promise of hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue at a time when the state is cutting the education budget. That fact alone has many residents in Texas approving casinos for the first time.

In order to bring casinos to Texas, two-thirds of the state Legislature will have to approve a bill. Then, once approved by lawmakers, the measure would be brought to a statewide vote. Analysts believe that residents of Texas would approve such a measure, but the same analysts are weary that such a bill could pass both chambers.

One major difference between the new push for casinos and past attempts is the unity that gaming groups have shown. In past years, the pro-casino groups have had different plans on how to expand gambling in Texas, but this time the groups have unified in an effort to start the gaming process.

Source: CasinoGamblingWeb.com

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